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1 Club + 1 Tough Competition = 2 Much Fun! photo

1 Club + 1 Tough Competition = 2 Much Fun!

As the school bell signals the end of the day, many students look forward to leaving academics behind. However, one special group looks forward to the end of the school day so that they can do more math!
The Math 24 Challenge Team has been meeting together to practice since December in order to prepare for the Union County competition. Math 24 is a math card game in which each card has four numbers. Students must use some sort of mathematical skill, along with the four numbers, to end up with a total of 24. For example, if given 12, 2, 4, and 9, a possible solution would be 4x2=8; 12-9=3 and 8x3=24. The thought process behind the numbers really challenges the students to become experts in mental math.
This year, the county competition was held at Porter Ridge. Students compete in groups of four against the other schools in the county. Each group accumulates points for each problem that they solve correctly.
Congratulations to this year's Math 24 team members and county winners:
Trevor Kowalski--silver medal
Zachary Zgombic
Shea Raiola--silver medal
Chris Bernhard
Robert Veres
Anushka Bhawsinka
Samuel Morrison
Ethan Boutwell--bronze medal
Emma Blair--bronze medal
Tracy Ridley--bronze medal
Shishir Vyas
Alex Healy--silver medal
Will Cobb
Kendall Howard - Alternate
John D'Amico - Alternate


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Around the world in one day photo

Around the world in one day

The fourth annual International Festival was held Friday, March 21 at Weddington Middle School. The morning segment of the festival featured cultural displays exhibited by some of our students’ parents that were born in other countries. The presentations included authentic artifacts, clothing, food and information about Nigeria, India, Israel, Jamaica, China, Finland and Greece. This gave the students an opportunity to learn about other cultures and how they contribute to society in the international realm. The afternoon component of the festival was a celebration of diversity which included authentic music and dance performed by student members of the cultures from the morning session.  "You could tell that the students really enjoyed many aspects of the festival," said media specialist Mrs. Rogers (the media center hosted both China and Finland, "the different foods were definitely a big hit!"

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